WRHC Stipend Funding Guidelines

The Western Regional Honors Council invites proposals for disbursal of surplus conference proceeds to defray partial costs of participation in national or regional Honors Institutes, Seminars, and Workshops by Honors faculty, students, and staff of WRHC member institutions.

All funding proposals require approval at a regular business meeting or via the WRHC President’s Council. No approval of funds in any given year or cycle to a member institution’s staff or students implies a guarantee of any future disbursement of funds for the same or other activities.

For any questions please contact the WRHC President at

Current disbursal guidelines are as follows. Conference proceeds from WRHC 2019 have determined the current level of funding available.

  • A maximum of $2000 is available for disbursal annually.
  • Stipends can be awarded for demonstrated and allowable expenses up to $500 (faculty/staff) and $250 (student).
  • Stipends may be granted for participation in NCHC or regional Honors Institutes, Seminars, Workshops, conferences, or other NCHC-linked, credit-bearing academic programs.
  • A WRHC member institution must be current in dues for its staff or student proposals to be funded. The following criteria will assist in determining the eligibility and amount of funding for each valid proposal:
    • Complete and accurate submission of requested information and documents;
    • Overall cost of participation and amount being requested from WRHC;
    • Amount (if any) of matching funds from member institution;
    • Proof of confirmation of acceptance to seminar, workshop, conference, or institute;
    • Number and amount of funded proposals from the same member institution over the past three years;
    • Relevance of proposed seminar participation to professional development (faculty/staff) or educational plan (student) of stipend requester;
    • Duration of member institution’s (or stipend requester’s) participation in the activities of the Western Regional Honors Council;
    • Duration of requester’s participation in the activities of the member institution he/she attends (if student).

Stipend recipients must present a brief report of the activities undertaken with the WRHC stipend (in person or in writing) at the business meeting immediately following the recipient’s seminar/workshop participation. If the recipient cannot attend the meeting personally, the Director, Dean, or another member of the recipient’s Honors institution is requested to present a report on behalf of the recipient.