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Currently, no positions are listed at Honors institutions but below are the candidate statements we’ve received – listed in order of receipt – for At-Large Member of the WRHC Board to be elected at our business meeting in March 2020.

Christopher Syrnyk, Oregon Institute of Technology

My name is Christopher Syrnyk, I’m a native Oregonian, born in Portland, and have lived in many parts of the state—now Klamath Falls is home: after being away from Oregon for 10 plus years, it’s good to be home.
I am an Associate Professor in the Communication Department and serve as the second director of our Honors Program at Oregon Tech. I have participated in multiple NCHC opportunities for professional development and personal growth which define the NCHC, like Beginning in Honors, Developing in Honors, and summer faculty/administrator institutes. What brings me to this candidacy is clear to me: I have a consistent history of appreciating the collaborative, intellectual, and civic value of administrative work, and I’d like to share that sense of purpose in support of Honors education in the West by leading and learning with a great group of like-minded WRHC Board members: together we can promote the mission of Honors education.
I would bring many relevant experiences to my work on the Board. At Oregon Tech, I have served as an elected faculty senator on our university’s faculty senate (now in my second term), I have chaired and served on numerous departmental and university-wide committees, I have likewise served for seven years on, and chaired for a 2+ year super term, our state-wide Oregon Writing and English Advisory Committee (OWEAC), which is comprised of Oregon’s 7 public universities and 17 community colleges; on OWEAC, we address legislative matters, access and equity, transfer and many curricular-focused policies—experience that lends itself to the work of engaging with different constituents with unique offerings and needs, all expected on a board. I also serve on a city non-profit educational foundation board. On the national level, I have served as a representative for the state of Oregon on various higher educational initiatives.
As concerns Honors, I likewise have been an active member, also at the national level, on the NCHC Partners in the Parks and Small Colleges Committees. And regionally, we are members of the WRHC! In 2016, I successfully pursued the opportunity for my university to be the inaugural NCHC Annual Conference “Host State Sponsor”: this endeavor required securing the funding from our university to participate and support NCHC at this level. And in the summer of 2019, Oregon Tech and our Honors Program sponsored the first Partners in the Parks project in Oregon, The PITP Crater Lake Project: this project brought many people together to make that project happen—and it was a great success. Thus, I’m willing and able to act as an ambassador to the NCHC, as a staunch representative of the Western region, and seek out unique, important opportunities as much as seek the potential ways and means to support Honors. These different levels of involvement—from the university, to state, to the national level—show my experience at working with various groups to move their work forward. In all ways, I seek to improve an organization’s culture with a positive attitude geared toward productive collaboration. My experience is diverse and significant: as a Board member, I can serve a diverse constituency and contribute significant work.
As an At-Large WRHC Board Member, I would:
  1. Work where the work is needed to be done: I appreciate the chance to apply my administrative and leadership skills, to apply myself to the completion of a project, the advancement of an organization, and the tasks of a committee. I would bring this positivity and willingness to the work of the WRHC.
  2. Work to promote meaningful connections between WRHC and NCHC: I would seek to bring together Honors educators and administrators, and to work across all institutions that appreciate Honors education, and in particular the unique opportunities afforded by the Western region, for by fostering meaningful connections we value all members and promote a sense of shared community.
  3. Work to extend the value of the WRHC: I welcome work at policy and practice level that ensures the future viability and relevance of the WRHC, which is important work we can do as Board Members in our service to and as ambassadors to NCHC and Honors education.